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Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Greece compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they find during their travels! They share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the sites and activities they enjoyed during their time in Greece. Some also visit animal sanctuaries in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet. Join our vegan community and. Vegan Greek Appetizers Boiled Greens. Local greens boiled and served wilted with olive oil and a lemon wedge. The greens may be dandelion... Dakos. Rusks (a hard, dried bread that has been soaked in water to soften it) with olive oil, tomatoes, oregano and... Dolmades. Dolmades are a rice and herb. Vegan holidays in Greece see you staying at a villa close to a protected lagoon in a picturesque coastal village on coast in the Peloponnese. Over the course of a week your hosts will take you through the nourishing benefits of slow-cooked food, emphasising the potential for a vegan diet to be ultra healthy, free of toxins and very nutritional Vegan Food in Greece I've got great news: Greece is full of delicious vegan food! You will find a huge selection of naturally vegan dishes in traditional Greek cuisine. This can be partly attributed to the nature of Mediterranean cuisine in general, which generally emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables and uses meat only sparingly Follow your fellow vegan travelers as they explore Greece compassionately, meet local vegans and other vegan travelers, and share the amazing vegan food they enjoyed during their travels! They also share the sites they visited, the places they stayed at, vegan shops they found, and the activities they enjoyed doing during their time in Greece. Some travelers visit animal sanctuaries and shelters in the countries they travel to and kindly share the stories of the animals they meet

How to Eat Vegan in Greece 1. Go to Vegan Restaurants. Big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki now have several vegan restaurants you can choose... 2. Ask for Specific Dishes. Now that you know which dishes have a high chance of being vegan you can ask for them when... 3. Try to Find a Mageirio. A. Vegan Traveler: Greece. A land of endless historical riches, Greece is a feast for the inquisitive traveler. History and the legends of myth permeate every inch of this small, mountainous country of around 11 million people. The legacies of various civilizations have written the story of Greece over many centuries That evening my tour group met up at a taverna, a Greek restaurant. I was given a vegan selection of Greek bread, vegetables and olives. Musicians played typical Greek music on the traditional Greek bouzuki stringed instrument. It was a fun evening of Greek food and entertainment! Although our tour group was not given any time to eat at any restaurants of our chosing, I know that Athens does indeed have a few vegan-friendly, vegetarian restaurants

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Nina is a cosmopolitan vegan traveler who has been vegan for 4 years. She was raised in Germany but has lived in Athens for nearly 6 years. She is the person behind the travel blog Lemons and Luggage. Nina's goal is to illustrate how diverse travel can be and to offer an alternative perspective to the male-dominated travel content creators out there and write without exotification and cultural appropriation. She offers an authentic view as a progressive Muslim feminist vegan Sail away the vegan way. Vegan Travel opened its doors in 2013 in Münster, Germany and specializes in luxury all vegan cruises. Having sailed on all major European rivers and our first ALL VEGAN OCEAN Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords in 2017 and our Baltics cruise in July 2019, we are now really excited to launch our next cruise: Patagonia in April 2020. Vegan Travel - Revitalizing all your senses and being in harmony with yourself and the world around you Our selection of recommended hotels and Bed & Breakfasts with vegan kitchen in Greece. Europe. Greece. Vegan-vegetarian cuisine . Hotel with 0 rooms from 90 € more. Peloponnes, Mani Mani Sonnenlink, Bio Resort. Mani Sonnenlink is a Multifunctional Vital Energy Feng Shui Resort offering apartments and bungalows... Vegan options. Hotel with 336 rooms from 180 € all inclusive more. Kreta.

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  1. Totally vegan, totally easy, and without sacrificing one bit of enjoying our travels, diving into the traditional foods of Greece, or the local flavor. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a vegan diet is not about restriction, it's about wonderful abundance and delicious foods. It's about staying true to your very authentic and compassionate nature, and it's about giving your body food that will nourish and respect it. Are you hungry yet?
  2. Best vegan finds in Greece. Vegan snacks, sweets, plat-based milks and cheese, meat substitutes and best stores to find vegan products. Vegan snacks, sweets, plat-based milks and cheese, meat substitutes and best stores to find vegan products
  3. Lucky vegan travelers! Santorini was the most vegan friendly place out of the ones we visited. Much more vegan friendly than our dear Madrid, at least where non-vegan restaurants are concerned. Spanish siesta in the sun by the pool, and then we headed out again for one of Santorini's signature moments, the sunset in Oia

Being Vegan in Greece. Greece is not a particularly vegan-friendly country. But there are so many Greek vegan dishes, I hear you exclaim. While that may be true with regards to side dishes, Greeks love their meat, dairy, and eggs. You can definitely find vegan Greek recipes but it's difficult to find vegan main courses at Greek restaurants. And, let's be honest, living off of salads and starters isn't exactly satisfying. Add to that the fact that veganism is fairly new. A perfect vegan upstate at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary's The Gray Barn. General guide to traveling and being vegan in Morocco from my trip in November 2019. Travel guide to Banff, Canada including hikes, itineraries, and vegan food options! A dedicated guide to vegan eating in Philly when you only have 12 hours

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May 13, 2016 - First of all, let me give my most sincere apologies to all our readers for the huge delay in posting. If you've been following us on Instagram (@littlegreenkettle), where we do most of our social networking, you probably know that I was on a little adventure. It involved unbelievable vegan meals, relaxing time by th People can combine a great traveling experience without having to compromise their vegan ethics. Greece Local Food - The Veganary Discover vegan food in Greece For this reason, all traditional Greek restaurants or tavernas provide vegetarian foods called Ladera. (There may be some types of shellfish allowed during these periods, depending on the occasion.) So, it is easier to get vegan in Greece than many other travel destinations. Get the most out of your Greek food odyssey with a stopover in Athens santorini and mykonos travel vlog & top tips for where to go as a vegan / vegetarian traveling in greece !! Earlier this summer, Matt and I traveled to Santorini & Mykonos in Greece I actually became vegan while traveling in Greece, back in 2014. You'd be surprised at just how many dishes in the traditional cuisine are already vegan without needing to be altered. This is largely because of the fasting traditions in the Greek Orthodox church. In this case, fasting doesn't mean not eating at all, it just means eating a mostly plant-based diet. And there are about 180.

If you visit a Greek restaurant and ask for Vegan dishes, most probably (90%), mainly in Islands and small towns, people will stare at you without having any idea what are you talking about. To make it worse many of the serving people there are not even aware of the ingredients in the served dishes. Sorry but this is the truth Green Earth Travel is a vegan travel agency run by Donna Zeigfinger, a veteran vegan travel agent and traveller. Donna's been vegan for decades and as a long-term travel agent, she knows all about vegan tours or how to help you plan vegan trips. You can book vegan travel tours through Green Earth Travel, or if you'd prefer a trip on your own. Koukoumi Mykonos is the first and only vegan hotel in Greece. April 19th 2021 Hotels. Koukoumi Mykonos. Boutique hotel Koukoumi Mykonos offers guests a holistic all-vegan experience, the first of its kind in Greece. Olivia Palamountain reports. In a nation renowned for feta cheese, taramasalata and moussaka, Greece's first - and only - fully vegan. Finding vegan food in Greece is tricky but not impossible. It is worth noting that while there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan food options in Greece, you really ought to have an idea of what kind of dishes are vegetarian and vegan friendly before you set off on your Greece itinerary. Greece is a country that consumes a lot of meat

Vegan travel resources, Greek language guides, and helpful links for vegetarians and vegans traveling to Greece Virtual Vegan Travel Festival season 3 kick-off! Focusing on vegan hotels and accommodation, we virtually traveled to Greece last week to find out more about the 100% vegan hotel, Koukoumi from Manolis, the hotel manager. Let the vegan adventures begin! In this live session we talk about: Stay options; bed & breakfast, full board and more; The vegan food on offer, we're all happy to hear.

Vegan and Vegetarian Places to Eat in Athens. Out of the many vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city, the name that comes up most frequently is Avocado. It's one of the most famous vegetarian places in Athens. I remember eating there on my previous visit to Athens, which was 5 years ago Greece; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Romania(&Hungary) Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Maria's Travel Advice; MidEast. Israel; Turkey; New Zealand; North America. Canada; United States; South America. Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Peru; world travel; recent posts. Vegan Travel - Weekend Trip To the Midwest: St. Louis & Kansas City, Missour May 7, 2018 - First of all, let me give my most sincere apologies to all our readers for the huge delay in posting. If you've been following us on Instagram (@littlegreenkettle), where we do most of our social networking, you probably know that I was on a little adventure. It involved unbelievable vegan meals, relaxing time by th Although veganism is not common, or even well known in Greece, their food can be surprisingly vegan friendly. This is because Christian Orthodoxy is the main religion in Greece, a religion which involves 'fasting' periods at certain times of the year, such as Lent. During this time, animal products are not included in dishes. And even when Greeks aren't fasting, there are still many ways to eat vegan in Greece

Vegan Restaurants in Greece. Guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Greece and a directory of natural health food stores Hier findest du ausschließlich Angebote, bei denen Veganer keine Exoten, sondern gern gesehene Gäste sind. Wir von Vegan auf Reisen leben seit Jahren vegan und wissen, welche Herausforderungen die Suche nach einer Unterkunft / einem Freizeitangebot mit sich bringen kann. Unser Ziel ist es, dir die Suche zu erleichtern und das passende Angebot zu. A vegan hotel is set to open in Greece this Summer - the country's first. The Koukoumi Boutique Hotel, in Ano Mera Mykonos, aims to appeal to both vegans and non-vegans looking for a healthy stay while traveling. Suites. The hotel, whose name means 'a snuggling place, protected from the wind' in Myconian dialect, has 14 suites available for guests. The suites are decked out in natural. Greece is full of delicious vegan food! Because you are vegan, it does not mean that you cannot eat all this tasteful delicacies and dishes that Greece has to offer. Below you will find a selection of vegan dishes of traditional Greek cuisine, that can be found in a Greek restaurant or tavern Greece's past under Ottoman Turkish colonial rule gives it much in common with Turkish, Arab and Levantine cooking. For vegans, its the small dishes (mezedhes) which make travel here not just possible, but positively enjoyable. Whilst there are some traditional vegan dishes served as main courses (entreés), and certain dishes can appear as either, the easiest way to eat vegan, and eat well, is to assemble a meal from the collection of mezedhes on offer

Vegan Travel and Wellness in Greece hat 445 Mitglieder. Welcome to the group! This is a place for you to look for Vegan advice, share travel stories, explore Greek culture, and connect with like-minded people on your Greek travels. Digital nomads, Travellers, yogis, food and travel bloggers are welcome! In addition, this group will share and accept everything is related to Vegan philosophy. A blog about vegan food and travel. Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania and more countries to find vegan food! Vegan food shares from Austria and Hungary on Instagram @veganfood.travel Many vegetarian-vegan restaurants and organic kitchens of our featured hotels offer other dietary options in addition to vegetarian-vegan cuisine as well, e.g., gluten and lactose free dishes, clean eating, raw and whole foods. Quite a number of VeggieHotels produce their own organic vegetables and fruits and you enjoy slow food according the farm-to-table principles Dec 2, 2018 - In Greece vegan travel is easier than you think! In addition to the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Athens, you will find plenty of Greek vegan dishes vegan travel made easy. Vegan travel doesn't have to be hard. In fact, I prefer travelling as a vegan-I spend more time researching food in a destination and eat better as a result! To help you in your journey (in veganism and your journeys around the world!), I've put together my best vegan travel tips, vegan city guides and vegan travel product.

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Traveling as a vegan or vegetarian is now easier than ever with vegan-friendly destinations like Bali, Peru, New Zealand, Jamaica and India being well suited to vegan travelers who don't want to let their dietary requirements stand in the way of discovering a new country through the local cuisine Vegan holiday in Greece, cooking and food. Being Vegan the Mediterranean Way - Greek village holiday, from £895 - £985 (6 days) ex flights Raw Vegan Retreats, Crete Greece, Ηράκλειο Κρήτης. 431 likes · 13 talking about this. Pure philosophy's holistic farm overlooks the Aegean Aegean , In.. Decide How Strict A Vegan Traveller You Will Be. One of the first things you'll likely notice about Croatia is its' bakeries. They are everywhere - and I mean like Starbucks in Seattle - they are on every corner and waft a smell of freshly baked sweetness throughout the streets and old towns each morning. Most Croatian traditional baked items like burek, strudels, and krofne (filled.

Aug 1, 2016 - Explore VeganTravel's board Greece, followed by 1161 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about greece, pretty places, wonders of the world. Greece Collection by VeganTravel. 10 Pins • 1.16k Followers. Places Around The World Oh The Places You'll Go Places To Travel Travel Destinations Places To Visit Around The Worlds Greece Destinations Holiday Destinations Dream Vacations. Dec 5 Vegan Morocco Travel Guide Crystal Pang. Africa, Morocco, Travel. General guide to traveling and being vegan in Morocco from my trip in November 2019. Mar 11. Sep 24, 2017 - There's plenty of delicious vegan food in Santorini and throughout the rest of the Greek islands as well. Here are some vegan Santorini highlights

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  1. Homepage - The Veganary is providing Worldwide Vegan info per country. Travel now and stay as a vegan in more than 65 countries
  2. The World Vegan Travel Podcast is LIVE! Find out about the latest in vegan travel, including trip reports, the latest from the travel industry, and tips and tricks to help make your vegan travel experience an unforgettable one. April 29, 2021 • Mexico, Vegan Hotels. S2 Ep 17 | A vegan-friendly resort near Cancun, Mexico | Karen Collado. April 26, 2021 • Eco Travel, How To Travel, Tour.
  3. Appetizers 29 Breakfast 42 Burgers+Sandwiches 12 Dinner 111 Dips+Sauces 15 Food Experiments 67 Lunch 30 Pasta 14 Salads 8 Side Dishes 46 Sips 10 Snacks 25 Sweets 43 Tacos 19 The Basic Vegan 54 This & That 21 Travel 1

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A cruelty to animals protest took place on Holy Saturday, outside the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George Thornbury. The church is celebrating its name day today . Vegan Greek Australians felt compelled to send their message of animal liberation, especially to those who have spent time fasting (partly from animal products) in the weeks leading up to Holy Saturday This means it's becoming much easier for vegans to travel without having to worry about going hungry on holiday - but there are definitely some places that cater better for planet-loving vegans. To help you out, we've put together a list of our best vegan-friendly destinations - from Greece and Majorca to Bali and India - to help you plan your next getaway GREECE. Your experience. In reality, vegan travel is easy. All it takes is a simple process of preparation and following the practised tips of people who have been there (literally), done it, and are more than happy to open up and share what they've learned with vegans with an itch to discover the world, regardless if it's during two weeks in the tropics or a difficult hike along the Camino de Santiago A blog about vegan food and travel. Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania and more countries to find vegan food! Vegan food shares from Austria and Hungary on Instagram @veganfood.travel! Home; GREECE; Thailand; TURKEY; ALBANIA; VEGAN SOLAR COOKING VIDEOS; VEGAN COOKING; More Posts. Latest posts. July 29, 2018 VEGAN ALBANIA. Share Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other.

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Get the latest vegan travel guides in your inbox. Email. Subscribe. vegan guides to destinations. From where to find the best vegan meal to where to stay, where to shop for vegan shoes and more, my vegan destination guides cover everything you need to know about the destination. Vegan Gran Canaria: A Guide to Vegan Las Palmas Read More » Vegan Amsterdam: The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Amsterdam. Situated in the heart of the island, in the traditional village of Ano Mera, Koukoumi 4* hotel is the 1st and only vegan hotel in Greece. more. Croatia; Dalmacija, Zadar B&B Kuća Bajlo. The B&B is surrounded by a beautiful garden with white flowers, plants and organic vegetables, fruit and herbs, within walking distance from the Croatian coast and the old town of Zadar. more. Island of Iž. I have a vegan friend who is a bit nervous about traveling to Greece. Does anyone know if there are any vegan options, especially in the touristy spots? Thank I've always loved a good Greek Salad, sometimes when you want something refreshing and crunchy but aren't really in the mood for leafy greens, it's the perfect meal! This one is a full meal in a bowl, loaded with chickpeas, cucumber, olives, vegan feta, red onion, tomatoes, and pita chips for the perfect crunch Travel. Asia; Europe; Vegan in Greece; Wellness; Blog; Work with me; Contact; Home » Desserts » Vegan Christmas Cookies (Melomakarona) | Greek Desserts. Vegan Christmas Cookies (Melomakarona) | Greek Desserts. Published September 14, 2019 Last Updated September 14, 2019 By Pinelopi Kyriazi 3 Comments. 136 shares. Share 54; Tweet; Pin 80; Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. We all love sweet treats.

Timeless Greek culinary classics can go well with a vegan diet. By Heini-Sofia Alavuo The vegan diet, which is a huge trend across the globe, has deep roots in traditional Greek food experts say. As people around the world become more environmentally and ethically conscious, it is no wonder that. Here a few things you should about traveling as a vegan in Romania. Lenten Fasting Traditions - What is De Post? and Why You Need to Know the Phrase. The Romanian Orthodox Church observes fasting periods throughout the year, with the longest being during Lent, the 40 days before Easter.In this context, fasting means abstaining from meat products, dairy, and eggs

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  1. Tripadvisor gives a Travelers' Choice award to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor. Ratings and reviews. 5.0 754 reviews #2 of 2,303 Restaurants in Athens. Travelers' Choice. RATINGS. Food. Service. Value. Details. CUISINES. Mediterranean, European, Greek, Healthy.
  2. Vegan Skincare; Vegan Travel; Eco-Friendly Tips; Newsletter; Vegan Cookbook; About Me. In the Media ; Roasted Lemon Greek Potatoes. By EdgyVeg May 19, 2020 Recipes Under 1 Hour, Sides, Vegan Recipes. 3 Comments; 21; Home » Roasted Lemon Greek Potatoes. These roasted lemon greek potatoes are quick to make and use simple ingredients like lemon, potatoes, greek seasoning, broth, and oil. These.
  3. Southern Vegan Cookbook; Travel With Us. Greece June 2022; Bali Sept 2021; About Us. Meet the Team; Subscribe; Search. The Best Vegan Date Night Recipes . February 3, 2020 by Lauren Hartmann Leave a Comment. February has officially arrived, and that means Valentine's day is right around the corner. Personally my husband and I like to skip all the busy restaurants and make a special dinner at.
  4. Categories: Athens Tours, GREECE TRAVEL TOURS Tag: Day Trips/Day Tours. Our Blog Categories: Our Blog Categories: Description ; Reviews (0) Enjoy a serene morning meditating facing the Parthenon, before indulging in a Greek vegan brunch in this Ancient Greek meditation in Athens experience. Forget about the stress of looking for the best touristy spots to visit, and gratify your soul with a.
  5. Starting May 9, Greek company Violife Foods will launch its first vegan summer barbecue pack at Sainsbury grocery stores in the United Kingdom. Created to pair with burgers on the grill or used in their own summer dishes, the Violife BBQ pack (£6) features three varieties of the brand's vegan cheeses: Mediterranean Style Block (which can be skewered and grilled as part of a kebab); Greek.

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Paleologos travel services Vegetarian way provides unique vacation adventures of food, wine and cooking classes in Crete at exclusive and beautiful properties, private villas, farmhouses and residences selected for their location and charm. Each program includes excursions to both well-known and undiscovered areas including outside markets and vineyards that are rich in culture and connected to the local people. Our cooking programs take you into the life of Cretan people and their passion. The First Vegan Hotel In Greece Is In Mykonos: Koukoumi Boutique Hotel Antonia Maria Markou Business Travel May 6, 2020 May 6, 2020 Despite the health crisis with COVID-19 and the restrictive measures, the business is holding up well and in fact in one of the most must-see tourist spots on the planet, such as Mykonos , to be more specific in the area of Ano Mera A Vegan Guide to Santorini, Greece. Published January 28, 2016 IF YOU ARE VEGAN & GOING TO SANTORINI, GREECE STAY HERE. Utopia Dionysos/Tranquilo exceeded our expectations immensely. But we had some trepidations at first because: we knew we were going to be on the non-touristy side of the island, & feared we'd miss out on things. The city you see in postcards, Pinterest (^^& above^^) are of.

Travel Ellie Bullen September 24, 2016 Greece vegan guide, Greece, Greek islands, Vegan food blog in Greece, Vegan, Vegan travels, travel, travel blog, Travel food blog Comment rOOTS. Thessaloniki, Greece. rOOTS is a vegetarian bar and restaurant situated on a pedestrian street just off the central market. The food consists of Greek and Continental starters, salads and mains. The menu does not include labels for which dishes are vegan, but after we spoke with the staff we learned that all but two dishes can be prepared vegan All our tours are 100% vegan. We love to discover regional cuisine and work with hotels to ensure there is always a fully vegan menu available. We visit local markets to discover the exotic produce. Working with culinary schools we provide workshops. We like to hunt down the best vegan restaurants and establish links with vegan chefs. Most countries have traditional plant based dishes, which will amaze you. Other dishes can be veganised. All dietary requirements can be catered for including. A comprehensive guide on how to enjoy vegan food in the Red Sea area; whether you are staying in Marsa Alam, Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh you'll have plenty of options. I got myself fill even in the cheapest of the resorts Vegan holiday resorts are ideal for recharging one's physical and mental batteries, e.g. with Ayurvedic cures, detox treatments, base fasting, yoga and more. VeganWelcome-Hotels also invite guests for short vegan holidays. Those who would like to get to know purely plant-based cuisine, with its diverse vegan recipes, in an uncomplicated way, can make culinary discoveries in these hand-picked hotels. After all, eating sustainably-made plant based food is not only healthy but also protects.

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As a vegan traveller, there's surely nothing more satisfying than finding a local food on your travels that just happens to[...] Explore more travel inspiration >> 30+ Countries . Vegan food tours, cooking classes, activities & experiences in more than 30 countries around the world. Industry Best. Explore experiences from 50+ providers with great products, services and awesome reviews. Vegan. Vegan-friendly eats on walks in Italy, Greece or Turkey On Foot Holidays' vegan-friendly walk on the Greek isle of Andros takes trekkers to beaches and mountains. (Max Hughes / On Foot Holidays Our Everyday Greek: Review - Survival Guide for Vegans Traveling in Greece. Ευρωκίνηση (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis, file) 8/25/2018. Dimitra Pontoporou Greece produces lots of fruits and vegetables you can buy fresh. Below are the names of the most common vegetables, fruits and vegan dishes and simple phrases you may use to buy or order them. IMPORTANT VOCABULARY Greek word.

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Mykonos, Greece is getting its very first fully vegan hotel. Koukoumi Hotel is set to open in Ano Mera—a quaint village located in Mykonos—this summer Maddie Lynch About Ecstatic Love Mentoring Podcast Blog Yoga Reiki Moon Circles Retreats Contac As a frequent vegan traveler, I had to face a lot of difficulties during my travels already. To help you be prepared and make your trips more enjoyable, I want to share 8 simple yet useful vegan travel tips with you! (This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a certain percentage of a sale if you purchase after clicking.) 1. Find The Right Accommodatio Vegan Hotels Greece Home » Travel & Accommodation » Vegan Hotels, Guesthouses & B&Bs (non-UK) » Vegan Hotels Greece. Vegan Holiday Accommodation in Greece. Found 1 item Sort by: From A to Z. From Z to A Koukoumi Hotel - vegan hotel Mykonos, Greece. Koukoumi is a 4* hotel, and the first and only vegan hotel in Greece. Koukoumi in Myconian dialect means . Vegan Hotels, Guesthouses & B&Bs. Koukoumi Hotel Mykonos, opening in Summer 2020, is the very first vegan-only hotel in Greece. Photo courtesy Koukoumi Hotel Mykonos Landlocked in Ano Mera, Koukoumi Hotel Mykonos rises in Cycladic splendor on a pristine height of land which grants unobstructed views of the village, the mountains, and the glistening Aegean Sea in the distance

Nikos Gaitanos is a chef specializing in vegetarian/vegan cuisine. He has worked as a consultant at vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Greece as well as in the UK. Currently, he is Head Chef of Healthy Bites and Vegan Nation restaurants in Athens and The Saints Stores in Thessaloniki. He is also the author of the cookbook Dirty Vegan Greece Travel Adventures Tagged with: adventures, beach, camping, camping lovers, Christmas tree, deserted beaches, electric blue water, Europe, exotic beaches, giant white cliff, Greece, Happy New Year, impressive mountains, Lefkada island, nature, olive and cypress trees, peaceful, picturesque villages, Porto Katsiki beach, road trip, serene, trips, winter vacation Leave a comment Posted on.

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This summer, I have to travel with someone, who has severe (life-threatening level) food allergies to dairy (milk), eggs and fish to Greece. The person cannot drink cow's milk, but can safely drink soy milk. The person can also eat vegan meals if they are strictly vegan (no animal products are.. Ground spices - Often used in Greek cuisine. These include cinnamon, allspice and cloves. Herbs - Fresh or dried, including thyme, bay leaves and parsley; Sugar; Salt and pepper, to taste; For the bechamel: Vegan Butter or dairy-free spread; All-purpose flour; Soy milk - Add the milk bit by bit while whisking continuously to achieve a smooth sauce. Adding all at once can lead to a lumpy bechamel Inspired by the House and Garden series Things To Put In Frames, I've curated some gorgeous free printable art depicting greek pottery that you can download and print at home! I just love these old archaeological lithographies of greek red figure pottery. So classic and timeless! If you, like me, have at least one vintag

Veganism hadn't really reached Zakynthos, so Kindred Traveller has taken it to them. We've worked with local restaurants to create large and varied vegan menus that are true to Greek flavours, specifically for our groups. We're sure you'll love them! Book no Aug 21, 2018 - Are you a Vegan and you are planning to visit Greece? I have great news for you! In Greece, there is a BIG variety of Traditional Vegan dishes to try These Vegan Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches are perfect for every key lime pie-lover! Vegan Blood Orange Frozen Yogurt is fool-proof, healthy and ready to devour in no time flat! If you have never tried my Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding, there is no time like the present! Vegan Orange Pistachio Baked Donuts are freaking delicious! You'll want to eat all of them

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Being vegan in the U.S. alone can have its challenges. Surprisingly, few people know that cake is off limits -- eggs AND butter people -- and even fewer are aware of the fact that honey is not a part of the vegan diet. But the U.S. is one of the more vegan-friendly countries in the world, with the national grocery store of Whole Foods selling vegan products and smaller vegan-friendly health. Vega vegan restaurant, Madrid. In the Spanish capital, Madrid Vegan Travel's tour includes plant-based tapas with craft beer and tinto de verano (red wine with lemon soda) in the Malasaña. In 2004 travel firm VegVoyages launched, offering three trips in one country. Fourteen years later, the company, which specializes in vegan adventure tours in Asia, now runs up to 23 trips a year. During a trial vegan trip to Greece in 2014, she discovered that vegan travel was not only doable, it was enjoyable. Since I had all these fears and misconceptions, I knew that other people out.

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Both global travel and veganism boomed in the last decade meaning there have never been more vegan travelers out in the world. However, traveling as a vegan comes with a unique set of challenges, especially in destinations where veganism isn't commonly understood. After 4 years on the road, we decided it was time to put our experience into useful travel and vegan guides to help fellow. Healthy vegetarian recipes and travel blogs from all over the world. Find out the best recipes, restaurants & hotels with Anne Travel Foodie Vegan travel is like a treasure hunt, a fun challenge. At first, I thought I'd starve looking for sustenance, but the reality is I find too many things to try them all Vegan travelers are advised to order fasting foods, or, in Romanian, de post. Even they may not be available on the menu; fasting foods are quick and easy to prepare, and Romanians are happy to fix you something. Plus, almost all side dishes served with meats and steaks are vegan, so it should not be too difficult to have a vegan meal at a non-vegan restaurant

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