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Metal parts made of steel, produced in various calibers and different barrels lengths. All the models can be mounted with front tunnel sights with interchangeable inserts and with Creedmoor sights adjustable in elevation and windage. The Rolling Block Deluxe versions are characterized by rich engravings on the coin colour finished frame Spare parts for historical guns produced by Davide Pedersoli, spare parts for muzzle loading and breech loading pistols and rifles. Rolling Block 1859 & 1863 Sharps 1874 Sharps rifle High Wall Springfield Trapdoor Model 86/71 Lever Action Wildbuster. Davide Pedersoli Co. are now pleased to introduce this version of the famous Rolling Block equipped with double set trigger which enhance the use of this rifle in long range target competition. A heavy 34/864 mm octagonal barrel with blue matt finish is used on this model In addition to the historical aspects, you can expect ballistic accuracy, ensured by the modern broaching system for the barrels intended for target shooting and hunting. The world records won by the various models of our range in the numerous championships constitute the most concrete proof of the quality of the historical guns produced by Davide Pedersoli

The Rolling Block Mississippi rifle is of itself a Classic style in this new version with light and practical features, finished so that it looks like the rifles of the late 1800's. The high carbon steel barrel, is broach rifled. The alloy frame is embellished with a nice engraving, old silver colour finishing pedersoli howdah .45lc/.410 10.25 3 blued/walnut dbl trg $1,362.6 Pedersoli im Schießsport Online Shop. Im Pedersoli Shop von Frankonia können Sportschützen Pedersoli kaufen oder auch bequem auf Rechnung bestellen. Suchen Sie professionelles Schießsport Zubehör und Pedersoli günstig? Hier finden Sie ein riesiges Sortiment für Schießsport und Wettkampf im Pedersoli Online Shop

The Remington Rolling Block is a superior rifle than the Sharps. The Rolling Block was adopted by several countries armed forces and local militia units in the U.S. As you know it is very simple to operate and very easy to clean. I have shot many long range matches with my Pedersoli usually sitting using crosssticks Pedersoli Davide & C. Shop for hard to find replica Firearms from Pedersoli Davide & C.. Founded in 1957, Pedersoli Davide & C. has produced parts that Numrich Gun Parts finds and delivers to you at great values The modern replica Sharps, Rolling Block and Trapdoor models we produce are stronger than their original versions due in part to improved steels as well as minor changes made to strengthen original design weakness and add some discrete safety features. Although it is unpleasant to shoot maximum pressure loadings, we do permit the use of ammunition which does not exceed 29007 psi or CUP in.

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Rolling Block Target 30 Produced with octagonal, conical blued barrel, case hardened colour frame is equipped with ramp rear sight adjustable in elevation. Butt plate and trigger guard made of steel. Straight stock and forend made of walnut oil finish L247 - Double Barrel Shotgun 10 ga. L247 - Double Barrel Shotgun 10 ga. L241 -Double Barrel Shotgun 12 ga. L241 -Double Barrel Shotgun 12 ga. S213-S210 - Fucile Kentucky . S213-S210 - Fucile Kentucky. Pedersoli Brown Bess. Pedersoli Brown Bess. Pedersoli Frontier Rifle. Pedersoli Frontier Rifle. Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle. Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle. L245 - Kodiak 'Express' & 'Kombo' L245 - Kodiak. While the rifle shown here, the Pedersoli.50 caliber No. 209 primer ignition in-line Rolling Block Muzzleloader, may have a very mid to late 1800's look to it, this rifle is actually somewhat advanced over the vast majority of other .50 caliber in-line rifle models on the market right now. And, that would be due to the fact that the rifling twist of this rifle's bore is a snappy 1-in-24. Year of the gun: 1868-1890 Loading: Breech loading Attachment: Download attachment Number of grooves: 6 Twist in mm: 460 Twist in inches: 1:18 Barrel length mm: 762,00 Barrel length inches: 30 Total Length mm: 1190,00 Total Length inches: 46 7/8 Weight in kilos: 6,100 Weight in pounds: 11.89 Creedmor: 036U430000 Sight: 036U4690-R Price list category: S.820-457.

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Our initial test of the Pedersoli John Bodine Remington Rolling Block. It's chambered in 45-90 WCF with a 34 barrel. Double set triggers and target sights.. With the sweet Green Mountain .22 rimfire octagon barrel, and quality sights, these can become serious match rifles. #4 Rolling Block by Curt Hardcastle, 1/4 sawn english walnut, showing checkering. A checkered butt on the #4 Creedmoor. There were no good buttplates to fit a stock of this size and shape. Rather than resort to a rubber pad to cover the unusual style butt, Curt decided to. Pedersoli Side by Side Classic double barrel percussion shotgun - kit version quantity. Add to cart More details The KIT version of the Side by Side Classic shotgun. It needs some simple do it yourself knowledge basis, few tools and some working hours to complete and finish a self-custom-made gun. The KIT gun has been previously assembled. The barrel is not blued but it went.

anybody deer hunting with a .357 Pedersoli ''baby'' rolling block?I know this is a pistol cartridge, but the long barrel[28''] should give a considerably better ballistics than a revolver .I'd prefer a 38-55 but that is only available in the full size RB.If it can come close to a 30/30 I'd be confident to hunt with it under 100 yard shots-the limit I'm good for with open sights anyway Very nice Pedersoli 45-70 Rolling block. 30 inch barrel, Vernier rear sight, windage and elevation adjustable, post and ball front sight, very good wood. Rifle hasnt been shot much and is in like new condition. $995 plus shipping from my FFL to yours Rolling Block rifles are fantastic reproductions of one of the most popular cartridge guns and great rival of the Sharps in its time. The special lock system, is certainly one of the safest, and was subsequently used all over the world. Metal parts made of steel, produced in various calibers and different barrels lengths

The production of the new rifle started in 1857 within England with a revolutionary barrel wars new items patch roundball pedersoli muzzle loading pedersoli remington percussion revolver reloading rifle musket rolling block shooting shotgun whitworth rifle winchester. Categories. Blackpowder hunting (26) Blackpowder shooting (53) Eventi Pedersoli (2) Cartridge guns (19) History (11. Davide Pedersoli Co. are now pleased to introduce this version of the famous Rolling Block equipped with double set trigger which enhance the use of this rifle in long range target competition. A heavy 30/762 mm octagonal barrel with blue matt finish is used on this model

A Davide Pedersoli Rolling Block; a John Bodine design; with a 34 Octagon barrel. The gentlman that we got this from said that he custom ordered this competition rifle a few years back for about $2100 and ended up never taking it out. We consign alot of items from this gentlmans collection and all of his fireamrs are of the upmost of quality and condition, and this rolling block is no exception PEDERSOLI ROLLING BLOCK .45-70 SILHOUETTE 30 OCT. WALNUT:Additional Information Manufacturer Pedersoli Manufacturer Part Number G010S865457 Item Number G010S865457 UPC 8029874020909 BARREL LENGTH IN INCHES 30.0000 CALIBER .45-70 GOVER. Davide Pedersoli provided me with a new Bristlen A. Morges barrel, cal .35 with a twist of 450mm. When I received the barrel it came with a ready installed front sight and a new bascule, a new nipple, a new and sized ramrod with its holders. After assembling the new bascule I put the barrel into the stock and it fitted perfect in. The only thing to modify was the holding latch at the.

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The ballistic accuracy of the PMG barrels from Pedersoli with 12 groove broached rifling, together with the speed and stopping power of this modern cartridge (2300 fps with 240 grain bullet) make this rifle ideal for wild boar or deer hunting at up to 200 meters in Europe and in many other countries world wide It is a Pedersoli, model S877 Rolling Block with a 34 octagon/round barrel. It is chambered in 40-65. A friend is buying one to get started in BPCR. He asked me if I knew anything about the rifle; pros, cons, how it shoots

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Davide Pedersoli Co. is now pleased to introduce the Adobe Walls Rolling Block Rifle. (Ok, so its the same as the John Bodine Rolling Block rifle (#S820) but with out the target sights.) European walnut checkered pistol grip shotgun butt stock with 2 3/4 drop, 14 1/2 length of pull and steel fore end tip Womack's Rolling Block Parts is a company dedicated to providing repair and restoration parts for Remington rolling block firearms. The company was founded in 2006 with the purchase of William Bill Wescombe's remaining inventory. Bill was the foremost supplier of rolling block parts over the previous 35+ years. Now, through the process of reverse engineering original Remington firearms we. Sharps Four Barrel Pistol; Stevens Tip Down Pistol and Rifles; Lincoln Derringer; Remington Handguns. Remington .36 Pocket; Remington .31 Pocket; Remington M1858 New Model Army and Navy; Remington Beals Navy ; Remington M1865-67 Rolling Block Pistol; Remington M1871 Rolling Block Pistol; Remington .41 Double Derringer; Remington M1875 Frontier; Remington .36 DA Revolver; Parts For Original. Startseite » Katalog » Pedersoli » Ersatzteile » 0800002807: 2838 Artikel in dieser Kategorie: Barrel .45-70 for Rolling Block Target Art.Nr.: 0800002807 : Lieferzeit bitte anfragen. 594,25 EUR. Alle Preise sind Bruttopreise incl. Mehrwertsteuer zuzüglich Transportkosten. Warenkorb : Sie haben noch keine Artikel in Ihrem Warenkorb..

There were several things about the Pedersoli Rolling Block Muzzleloader that intrigued me back then. One was that the rifle was only one of a few in-line models with a 28-inch barrel length. Another was the fact that the rifle's barrel featured a snappy 1-in-24 rifling twist. The vast majority of other .50 caliber in-line rifles on the marke The historical mechanical features of the Rolling Block cartridge rifle applied to this modern muzzle loading version addressed to the hunting. The barrel is made of high carbon steel, the fast twist obtained by broaching; drilled and tapped to fit the scope mount, the finishing is non-reflecting mat blue Pedersoli lists the baby rolling blocks and given their cross over with Uberti I'm thinking that the Uberti baby RB came out of the Pedersoli factory. I know that my recently bought Taylors/Uberti 1885 High Wall came from Pedersoli. Well, at least the action and barrel did. The wood isn't as figured as Pedersoli typically provides but then the. A great rival to the Sharps in its time, Pedersoli brings back a true contender from the Old West, the Rolling Block. Due to the supremely safe locking system, the Rolling Block gained favor worldwide. Available in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths, all models can be mounted with front tunnel sights featuring interchangeable inserts and Creedmoor rears adjustable in both windage and.

Pedersoli Rolling Block John Bodine, Single Shot, .45-70 Gov't, 34 Barrel, 1 Roun Rolling Block; Sharps 1859 / 1863; Sharps 1874; Sharps 1877; Unterhebler 1886; Vorderlader-Linksanschlag; Zubehör . Allgemeines Vorderlader Zubehör; Bayonette, Messer und Säbel; Bekleidung und Accessoires; Diopter, Visiere und Zielfernrohre; Feuersteine; Filzpfropfen; Geschoßfetter & Kalibrierer; Kokillen/Kugelzangen; Lade- und Reinigungszubehör; Pistons, Zündlochschrauben und Pistonsch Pedersoli Products Page. Accessories . Bullet Moulds & Handles U242-437 (.437) Was $49.95 $34 Rolling Block Display Case. Display case for Pedersoli Rolling Block rifle with 34 barrel & pistol grip stock. Walnut case with drape fitted forest green velvet interior. C225 CASE $250.00 (call for shipping and handling) Assorted Accessories. U470 Nipples $3.00 U095 Lead flint clamps (3 pack) $4. Pedersoli Firing Pin (Rolling Block)Pedersoli Firing Pin (Rolling Block Target, Silhouette, Long Range Creedmoor, No 1 Sporting, Super Match) Overall Length 0.9125, Pin Length 0.228 As of 2017 All RB use 0800004458Pedersoli Firing Pin (Rolling Block John Bodine, Cavalry, Creedmoor, Mississippi .22,.45, .357) Overall Length 0.911, Pin Length 0.2870 - Stepped Shoulder - as of 2017 All.

Pedersoli .54 Cal. Kentucky Flintlock Pistol Pedersoli's Rendition Of An American Classic Perfect For Target Shooting And reenactments Nicely Balanced .54 Cal. Flintlock With Octagonal Barrel FREE SHIPPING! PRICE $544.50 . QTY. ADD TO CART 10% OFF! MSRP: $605.00: Total qty available: 1: Pedersoli Le Page Target Flintlock Model Muzzleloading Pistol, 44 Caliber Md: S.327-044. This Excellent. PEDERSOLI MISSISSIPPI .38-55 ROLLING BLOCK 26 WALNUT . FEATURES-.38-55 Winchester-26 blued barrel-1:18 twist-41.9 total length-American walnut stock-Sight leaf-Adjustable rear sight-Satin nickel receiver with engravin Pedersoli Remmington Rolling Block Rifle 30 Barrels Very light usage, only been used for blanks Produced with octagonal blued barrel, case hardened color frame is equipped with ramp rear sight adjustable in elevation

Rolling Block Mississippi Classic 26 - Davide Pedersol

  1. gton ROLLING BLOCK Target Rifle manufactured by Pedersoli. This is an excellent condition re-manufacture of the classic rifle. This example has heavy barrel and is chambered for the.45/70 caliber cartridge. Gun comes with Creedmoor style rear sight and original manual
  2. gton Model 1901 Rolling Block Rifle, NVSN, 7mm, 30'' blue barrel, case hardened frame, walnut stock and forend. Originally mfg'd for sale to South America, approx. 4500 were purchased by the Royal Navy in 1917. Condition is excellent showing only the lightest marks from handling to stock, and very light wear at high edges and muzzle
  3. Rolling Block John Bodine (1868-1890) - Davide Pedersoli. Condition: New product. Send to a friend * A heavy 30 octagonal broached barrel with blue matt finish is used on the model S.820 and this same type 34 barrel is on model S.821. The comfortable pistol grip stock and forend are made from selected walnut, the forend has an inlet German silver cap. The Deluxe model is.
  4. REMINGTON PEDERSOLI ROLLING BLOCK 30 45-70 WITH MALCOM 6X SCOPE 30 INCH BARREL North Salem, NY 10560: Used: 5/27/2020: $206.00 .22 SHORT REMINGTON NO. 4 ROLLING BLOCK 22 INCH BARREL Kerrville, TX 78028: Used: 5/22/2020: $655.00 : 7MM MAUSER (7X57MM) REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK 1910 NAVY MODEL 7X57MM $.01 START-NO RESERVE 30 INCH BARREL Jamison, PA 18929: Used : 5/20/2020: View More Sold.

Sharps Kollektion von Pedersoli mit bewährtem Zubehör von Artax. Nicht abgebildete Sharps werden auf Kundenwunsch bestellt. Ihre Sharps ist bei uns in guten Händen. Hier ist der Visier Testbericht unserer Pedersoli Sharps Civilian Carbine als Fallblockhinterlader Frei ab 18 Jahren, ein Altersnachweis ist erforderlich. Sharps Berdan Sharps Berdan Infantry Rifle mit Stecher und voll. Pedersoli Rolling Block carbine with 20 inch barrel and colour case hardened frame. Fired around 200 rounds. I had it imported directly from Davide Pedersoli. Buyer to pay transfer/shipping

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Adobe Walls Rolling Block Rifle 45-70, 30 Oct. Barrel JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser nice navy arms pedersoli remington rolling block govt w/ 22 barrel 22 inch barrel palisade, co 81526: used: 4/27/2021: $206.11 : rolling block remington antique spanish made rollingblock guilford, ct 06437: used: 4/10/2021: $330.56 : remington style rolling block unknown caliber 30 inch barrel skt rem roll blk austin, tx 78745: used: 4/7/2021: $660.00 : 7mm mauser (7x57mm) remington model.

LSB#: 140306KD01 Make: Pedersoli (Made In Italy) Model: Muzzle Loading Rolling Block Serial Number: DA90450 Year of Manufacture: 2001 (ATF classified as an antique) Caliber: .50 Action Type: Rolling Block Percussion Action Firing 209 Shotgun Primer - Capable Of Handling Three Pyrodex 50 gr. Pellets Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked with a BP date code, 2 Italian proof. Davide' Pedersoli John Bodine Rolling Block, .45/90, 34 heavy octagonal barrel, special run for Cherry's Fine Guns in Greensboro, NC: Originally Posted by Cherry's Fine Guns, Greensboro, NC To comply with target shooters and hunters requests in the late 1800's, Remington offered custom built rifles equipped with set triggers pedersoli rolling block. cat 3514. 45-70 single shot 30 octagon barrel. like new. no trades. $2000 plus shipping. payment - layawa CAT 3514. 45-70 SINGLE SHOT 30 OCTAGON BARREL

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  1. The Rolling Block was produced as a military full-stock musket target rifle buffalo gun and even as a shotgun. The small-framed version was the New Model N°4 and Uberti has used its inspiration for a 22 barrelled carbine and the 26 barrelled rifle
  2. Pedersoli Rolling Block Target Steel Standard rifle. Illustration courtesy of Davide Pedersoli & C. I have been active in historical reenactment for years and one of the characters I do is a little known professional bison hunter named Jonah William Campbell. Campbell began in the profession during the years just after the Civil War and was present at the Battle of Adobe Walls in 1874. Oddly.
  3. gton rolling block #4 .32 rimfire octagon.

The Creedmoor Long Range is a great example of a period target rifle. Italian fine gun maker Davide Pedersoli produces this rolling block target rifle with a Creedmoor style adjustable rear sight and a tunnel front sight with interchangeable inserts. Pedersoli rifles are world famous for authenticity, reliability and precision accuracy Pedersoli G010S865457: Pedersoli G010S865457 Rolling Block .45-70 Silhouette 30 OCT. Walnu Pedersoli Hinterladerzubehör SAFETY LOCK .45 cal. 34'' barrel length Description: This is a Navy Arms Pedersoli Rolling Block in 45-70. It has a heavy 26in Octagonal barrel and comes with rear tang sight as shown. It is in very good condition with a few marks on the wood as shown. I am selling this one on consignment and as such lay-a-way can't be used. It does of course have the standard 3-day inspection. Shipping and insurance is $39. Please email me with.

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  1. Plus d'infos. carabine pedersoli rolling block baby cal 45 lc. Transportkosten: R. Block Baby Carbine Kal. A fine and highly accurate rifle. Serial number 732 (appears 2x under stock on left side of frame) features an 18-inch banded barrel with tip-up sight
  2. Davide Pedersoli reproduction of an English pattern flintlock rifle featuring an octagon-to-round barrel. The checkered and oil finished European walnut stock is completed with an English style cheek piece, while metal is treated to color case hardening. The Deluxe version in enriched with engraving and gold inlays on the polished lock, and Mortimer in gold lettering on the barrel
  3. Pedersoli Rolling Block Rifle Forend. $27.25. Manufacturer: PEDERSOLI DAVIDE & C. Model: ROLLING BLOCK RIFLE. Product #: 1480940. Description: Show Details. Qty: − + Add to cart Save. There are 2 other variations of this product available View Variations . Enlarge Image. Muzzleloading Rolling Block, Measures 11-1/8 OAL, Round Barrel. Manufacturer: PEDERSOLI DAVIDE & C. Model: ROLLING BLOCK.
  4. gton rolling block 50-70 military.
  5. Manufacturer: Taylor's & Co. / Pedersoli Model: Rolling Block Mississippi Classic Single Shot Rolling Block SKU: RIF/S843.450 Caliber: .45 Long Colt Barrel Length: 26 Rate of Twist: 1:16 Receiver: Engraved Satin Nickel Stock: American Walnut Stock and Forend Overall Length: 42 Sights: Front - Windage Adjustable Dovetail Bead, Rear - Adjustable Buckhorn Weight: 7.05 lbs Taylor's & Co., Inc.
  6. PEDERSOLI SPORTING .30-30 ROLLING BLOCK 28' WALNUT. Due to the high demand for firearms & accessories as a result of the current environment, there may be shipping delays
  7. Shop Pedersoli Rolling Block Sporting Rifle .30-30 Win 28 Barrel 1 Round Case Hardened Receiver Walnut Stock Blued S.812-303 and more from Cheaper Than Dirt

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  1. gton, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more
  2. gton Rolling Block Rifle Parts.
  3. Pedersoli produce the three big American BPCR designs of the late 1800 - the Sharps, Trapdoor Springfield and Rolling Block in a variety of models. The RB has always been considered the cheapest option if you are looking for a gun of this type. Price-wise they are usually £100 less than an entry level Sharps 1874 Sporter, yet offered a heavy 30 octagonal barrel and the ability to shoot.
  4. gton Rolling Block Stock & Forend- Navy Arms- Pre-Owned. $74.99. Time left 5d 17h left. 0 bids +$15.00 shipping . Watch; S p o n s o r e d. New Listing Re
  5. Shop for Rolling Block parts and accessories with Numrich Gun Parts, the world's largest supplier of gun parts

Pedersoli's M.L. Rolling-Block.50-Cal Muzzleloader takes the traditional rolling-block design and updates it with modern convenience and accuracy..209 cap ignition system delivers reliable ignition for big-game hunting. Fast-twist 1:24 rate-of-twist barrel with six-groove rifling sends bullets, sabots and round balls accurately downrange Pedersoli M.L. Rolling Block percussion hunting rifle - for 209 primers 949.9 The barrel is made of high carbon steel, the fast twist obtained by broaching; drilled and tapped to fit the scope mount, the finishing is non-reflecting mat blue. The same mat blue is also for the frame and the trigger guard. The fiber optic sights concern the rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation. Cimarron Pedersoli Adobe Walls Rolling Block Rifle 45-70 Government 30 Octagon Barrel Color Case Hardened Frame. Rolling Block John Bodine .45-90, 30 Octagonal Barrel $2,140.39. Pedersoli For Sale More Filters . The receiver and buttplate are case colored. OUT OF STOCK (0) PEDERSOLI TB Price: $2070 (2) IFG Pedersoli Howdah 45LC/410 10.25 Blue, Case Colored. Out of Stock. The wood is. Pedersoli Rolling Block Long Range Standard 30 Barrel 357 Mag . Price: £1,375.00. Please call to order (not available online) Quickview. Uberti 1885 Single Shot High Wall Carbine 28 Round Barrel .30/30. Price: £854.00. Please call to order (not available online) Quickview. Pedersoli Rolling Block Long Range Deluxe 30 Barrel 45/70 . Price: £2,380.00. Please call to order (not available.

z-Sold Remington Rolling Block

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Pedersoli Rolling Block. 45 - 70 Single Shot Octagonal Barrel Cat 3514 This is in a very very clean condition. Description: A very good looking Rifle, manufactured by Pedersoli. Comes complete with: DGW (Dixie Gun £1,350 US$1,884/€1,553. Pedersoli 50-90 Sharps Falling Block Rifle (R/H) - S/H (6) S/H. Caerffili. Trade Seller. This is a second hand rifle in an amazingly as new condition. Pedersoli Ersatzteil BARREL DOWEL - × Schließen Dieser Online-Shop verwendet Cookies für ein optimales Einkaufserlebnis. Dabei werden beispielsweise die Session-Informationen oder die Spracheinstellung auf Ihrem Rechner gespeichert Pedersoli Rolling Block. 45 - 70 Single Shot Octagonal Barrel Cat 3514 This is in a very very clean condition. Description: A very good looking Rifle, manufactured by Pedersoli. Comes complete with: DGW (Dixie Gun £999 US$1,387/€1,152. Pedersoli .45-70 Long Range Deluxe 30 Rolling Block Rifle (R/H) - S/H (6) S/H. Midlothian. Trade Seller. Very clean example of one of the finest.

Rolling Block Target 30 - Davide Pedersol

Taylor's & Co. Davide Pedersoli Rolling Block .30-30 Win 28 RIF/S812.303. brbrManufacturer Taylor!~!s & Co. Davide PedersolibrbrModel Rolling Block Sporting brbrSKU RIF/S812.303brbrCaliber .30-30 Winchester brbrBarrel Length 28 Round Barrel brbrStock Gun #: 981183914. Seller: Ammo And Arms Ammo And Arms. $1,299.99. Full Details More from this Seller. 1 Image(s) Pedersoli 1886 Hunter. Davide Pedersoli & C., Gardone Val Trompia. 10,607 likes · 193 talking about this · 57 were here. Davide Pedersoli & Co Manufacturer of Historical Gun Reproductions, Long and Shor SPRINGFIELD TRAPDOOR CARBINE, ROUND BARREL (Pedersoli) Price: $1,660.00 More Details Buy. KODIAK MARK IV DOUBLE RIFLE 45/70 24 (Pedersoli) Price: $6,060.00. REMINGTON PEDERSOLI ROLLING BLOCK 30 45-70 WITH MALCOM 6X SCOPE 30 INCH BARREL North Salem, NY 10560: Used: 5/27/2020: $1,545.00 .45-70 GOVT. PEDERSOLI REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK LONG RANGE CREEDMORE RIFLE 30 INCH BARREL Hayesville, NC 28904: New Old Stock: 4/23/2020: View More Sold. Used Sold [89] New Sold [1] NEW REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK PRICE.45-70 Govt. Pedersoli Remington Rolling Block.

Rolling Block MusketRolling Block John BodineRolling Block Creedmor No2 45-70 : Saguaro-ArmsSaguaro Rolling Block Muzzleloader

Pedersoli Hinterladerzubehör SAFETY LOCK .45 cal. 28'' barrel length Artikelnummer: 200832 Bestellnummer (Davide Pedersoli): 036U06345F / USA 063-45 Action: Rolling Block: Receiver: Invest Cast 1018 Steel: Barrel Length: 27 Front Stock: Walnut: Overall Length: 43 Rear Stock: Walnut: Weight: 9.2 lbs: Barrel Type: Round: Capacity: Single Shot: Hammer: Coil Spring: Barrel Material: 4140 Steel : Rifling on Barrel: 1 in 20 twist: Barrel Thread: 1 1/8 24 thread: Butt Plate: Steel: Rifles are based on a 45/70 Spanish Infantry Rifle. Barrel is. Pedersoli Rolling Block Carbine I purchased a Rolling Block Carbine in .45 Colt a few years back and was not pleased with it. Regardless of the load, the impacts were all over the place. Target looked like it had been shot at with a shotgun using .45 caliber shot. The worst was that it wouldn't extract any of the brass after shooting. I was using Winchester and Starline brass. These same loads. In this video I'll be shooting my military Remington Rolling Block rifle made in the 1870s. This rifle is chambered for the big .43 Spanish cartridge. I've h.. Pedersoli Rolling Block. 45 - 70 Single Shot Octagonal Barrel Cat 3514 This is in a very very clean condition. Description: A very good looking Rifle, manufactured by Pedersoli. Comes complete with: DGW (Dixie Gun Works) Scope. High quality brass tube scope 3/4 inch diameter, 4x-15 objective lens, 3 inch eye relief

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